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Which global brands will be the most expensive in 2021?

✅ Amazon retained its position as the most expensive brand in the world, increasing by 64% to $684 billion (or equivalent to Poland’s GDP.

✅ Tesla is the fastest growing brand and the most expensive car brand, the value of which increased by 275% year-on-year to $ 42.6 billion.


Dear partners!

Recently, we have been receiving a lot of messages about some MLM Center site.

✍🏻 We don’t know what kind of project it is and it has nothing to do with the company Tirus.

Be careful and follow only the information that we publish in the official resources of Tirus.

A successful business is not an innate talent and not a matter of chance. This is a set of skills, flexibility of thinking and constant concentration 💡

✅ Change the environment

✅ Try, not think

✅ Choose your sphere

✅ Consider different options.

✅ Do what makes money

In Tirus, you can start your business with $ 10 and further raise the bar, closing higher business tables and significantly increasing income.

Starting with $ 10, you can subsequently activate other programs, including housing programs 👌🏻

Everything is in your hands!


The Internet entertains us, teaches us, introduces us and helps us earn money. However, without knowing simple security rules, scammers can gain access to your accounts/personal accounts.

Let’s talk about how to protect the Tirus personal cabinet and your funds 🔒

1 — Separate mail for personal cabinet
This way you will avoid spam mailings that may send you links to fake sites.


Dear partners!

We are starting the exchange of TRS c Relictum tokens for #Qchain 🌀

TRS listing is scheduled for the 1st half of October.

To exchange it is necessary:

✅ Creating a wallet in node Qchain
- Save your private key
- Instructions for creating an account:
✅ Go to the Relictum application and transfer TRS…

In the 19th century, the volume of information doubled every 50 years, and this despite the rapid growth of science and the development of technology.

Today, the volume of information doubles every 2 years. New professions are emerging, old ones are being modified.

It is necessary to follow trends and always learn something new, so as not to be among the catching up and always lagging behind👌🏻

#Tirus #Motivation

One of the most recent innovations in the company is the housing program in the capital of the UAE, Dubai 🇦🇪

▶ To participate in the housing program, you activate the site and sequentially goes through 5 stages, where bonuses / rewards are obtained in parallel.

5 business tables:






Join the housing program and get a property in Dubai or an amount equivalent to the cost of an apartment.

👊🏻The choice is always yours:

Marianna Manasytova fulfilled all the conditions

Congratulations to Marianna and we hope that this is not the last closure of the housing program. In addition to Moscow, we also have Turkish and Dubai programs 👌

Who will be the next to join the ranks of the winners?

Most of the business directions of Tirus are related to the activation of platforms through the Perfect Money payment system 💳

Many partners have not previously interacted with Perfect Money and are experiencing difficulties when working with it.

We hope this short guide will help you with this 👌 🏻

FastMoney is one of the most active areas used by the Tirus community.

Every day you close your business desks and receive rewards 💰

Many of you do not stop there and go to the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 10th circle.

Keep it up🔥


Tirus is a multi-targeted company. We specialize in IT developments and profitable real estate.

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