Exactly 5 years ago, just before the new year [December 26, 2016], the company TIRUS officially launched.

Today we are 5 years old.

πŸ“ˆ During this time, we have grown from an ordinary company offering only a few business platforms to one of the leading companies with a wide arsenal of programs and platforms.

We congratulate all our partners, whose geography stretches from Europe to Africa.

πŸ™ Sometimes, not everything goes as we plan, but one thing is invariable β€” the company will continue to develop, become stronger, offer new programs and move forward.

And 5 years later, on this day [December 26], we will also congratulate you on the 10th anniversary of the company!

Thank you for your support over the years!

With respect,
The Tirus team!

Dear Tirus partners!

In a few hours, USDT on the Tron blockchain will be connected in the Tirus personal account. Soon you will able to activate all business platforms.

Since today you will be able to pay for the licenses of the main marketing, etc. through the stablecoin.


βœ… Activation of platforms
βœ… Withdrawal of funds.

❗️ Important: USDT stablecoin is deployed on 6+ blockchains. In the Tirus personal account, USDT is used in only one format β€” TRC20 (Tron blockchain).

πŸ’‘ We remind you that the USDT connection is a temporary measure until the QPayments integration is completed.

The Tirus team!

🌐 Official Tirus website: https://tirus.ltd/en

Dear partners!

Technical work of connecting QPayments in the Tirus personal account is going on.

We are doing everything for esolving this issue.

πŸ”œ The integration will be completed soon.

We regularly receive a lot of messages with questions like that: β€œWhen will it be finished? When can i activate the programs and continue working?” and so on.

We appreciate your time and in order not to wait for integration, it was decided to connect the USDT (TRC 20) stablecoin to interact with the Tirus programs.

Technical work for connecting USDT will be completed soon.

βš’ Within 24–48 hours, we will additionally inform you about the start of working with USDT and create some instructions for your convenience.

Working with USDT is a temporary measure until QPayments is enabled.

With respect,
The Tirus team!

Dear partners!

For technical reasons beyond the control of Tirus, the purchase of licenses and programs, as well as the withdrawal of your earned bonuses, has been temporarily suspended βš’

In the near future, all processes will be optimized, and we will return to the usual course.

Sincerely, company Tirus!

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What programs are participating in the promotion?

βœ”οΈ Main Marketing: Easy, Medium, Hard, Grand
βœ”οΈ Moscow Housing Program
βœ”οΈ Turkish Housing Program
βœ”οΈ Dubai Housing Program

The terms of the promotion are valid from 26 November to December 26, 2022 inclusive.


Invite 4 partners who will take places in your structure and get 1 gift place from the company Tirus.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» 3,2,1 go: https://tirus.ltd/en/




Tirus is a multi-targeted company. We specialize in IT developments and profitable real estate.