Tirus news📰

Yesterday the president of the company Denis Anatolyevich Teterin held a webinar on the subject “News in Tirus”.

So, what’s new with us❓

🔱 Tirus & Wellness

Almost all the difficulties that prevented the full launch of the site have been successfully resolved. Recently, all efforts have been focused on connecting the online monitoring and cash register management service (ATOL) ⚒

We have successfully overpassed all the difficulties, and the Tirus & Wellness website will be updated day by day.🌀 Referral program, complex marketing structure — everything will be available.

Also in late December — early January, the line of dietary supplements will be replenished with new products.

🔱 Shares

We decided to issue Tirus tokenized shares (TRS) not on Ethereum, but on the Relictum blockchain 🌐

On October 28, the average commission on the ETH network is💲1.24. Based on this, switching to Relictum looks like a reasonable decision.

We will elaborate and publish in all social networks and telegram chats detailed instructions describing the entire process of transferring tokens.