Hello, dear friends!

We continue our column #usefulwithtirus

Today we’ll talk about one of the most effective promotion methods — Mutual PR! 💁🏼‍♀️

What is it?

Mutual PR is a way to share your audience by telling about each other in your stories.

How to find people for mutual PR?

🔴 through a search, by the name of the interests you need
🟡 by hashtags — see what hashtags are used by “opinion leaders”, enter it in the search, go to the “Tag” section and look for the appropriate people
🔵 via telegram channels: berezhokbot, instalogiya_chat
🟣 on sites: getblogger.ru, easyprbot.com

Whom to look for?

👉🏻 You can promote yourself with competitors or with people who are with you in similar niches. PR with competitors is absolutely normal, especially at the beginning when you need to grow your audience.

👉🏻You can also take for PR those niches that are similar to the interests of your target audience. If you find it difficult to understand your target audience and its interests, enter “How to understand the target audience” in the search engine and watch the video. ⠀

👉🏻 You can write first in Direct and offer mutual PR, describing your story coverage and the number of subscribers.

We recommend that you pay attention to this method of online promotion. It’s very effective! After the first try, you can find hot, targeted customers in your business 🙌🏻

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